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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  November 13, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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good to be with >> our breaking news coverage of the terror attacks across paris continues. it's 2:00 a.m. on the east coast, 8:00 a.m. in paris. as a new day begins, a state of emergency is still in effect after a tragic night of terror. the details are still developing, but here's what we know so far. french media is reporting six separate highly coordinated attacks took place in and around the city. the first at 9:30 p.m. local time when three bombs went off near the stade de france, a national stadium in the paris suburbs. and it appears at least one, and possibly all three of these explosions, was a suicide bombing. and shortly after that attack began, there were multiple
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reports of gunmen who opened fire at four restaurants in the east of paris. according to the paris prosecutor, approximately 38 people were killed at these eateries and many more seriously injured. then around 10:15 p.m. local time, it's believed the deadliest of the attacks began at the bataclan concert hall, where several hundred of people were attending a concert. it's reported multiple attackers with guns started killing people inside and took hostages. these attackers also detonated suicide belts and reuters is reporting at least 87 people were killed inside the bataclan and as many as 40 are dead in other paris locations. in addition, french media is reporting, 200 people are injured with 80 suffering very serious injuries. the head of paris police says all attackers are believed to be dead, but they're actively searching for any accomplices
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who may have been involved. no group has taken responsibility for these attacks. joining us now is msnbc editor of our discovery desk, cal perry. good to have you with me here as we get started here. sunrise is there upon paris now and people are waking up in this horrific reality of theirs and many are asking why and who. and that really is the toughest at this point. earlier we had a senior u.s. intelligence counterterrorism official telling nbc news, because of the attacks, because of how they look so far, maybe not so much isis, possibly al qaeda. but you also have your thoughts on who it may be? >> well, the level of coordination is what is lending people to sort of go the al qaeda route. this is what we would classify as a complex attack, with multiple moving pieces. clearly this was well preplanned, well scouted in advance. this had an operational security element to it, an element of secre secrecy. and as you mentioned, people in
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paris waking up to 1,500 members of the army on the streets of the french capital. that's a new reality for people in paris. one of the things we should mention, this neighborhood in paris is a young, hip neighborhood. these were young kids out to see a rock concert, to see a soccer match and we're in for some difficult hours as we learn who the victims of this attack were. >> and also as we learn, as this investigation is just in the beginning phases and going back to so many sites, from the stadium, from the concert halls, from the caves and restaurants as well. what is key here, given the evidence left behind, we understand that one suicide belt did not detonate and that may give investigators partially an initial clue as to maybe what happened and who may be behind it. >> that may be the clue, because they may lead them down a path to trace back the explosives. often times, there will be ball
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bearings into the vests to get the maximum amount of damage out of it and those things can be traced. and then they could potentially find out what the cell was that was operating. they've assigned 6,000 police, men and women to interview more than 2,000 eyewitnesses to collate statements to try to get a full picture of the timeline of the attack and exactly what happened. >> really difficult knowing that so many, at least 120 dead in the paris terror attacks, but the dozens, hundreds possibly injured that are in several -- over a dozen hospitals throughout the paris area, who are being treated and trying to contain the information that they gather that may help in the investigation as well. and also what's out there, as far as intelligence, what chatter is out there. how is it that investigators and others looking into this, internationally, can try to figure out and piece together what chatter is out there that may be authentic enough to help them out.
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>> the immediate chatter coming from what we know to be isis sites was, paris is burning. there was celebration that paris is burning. that's not an indication that they had anything to do with the attack. probably that they were rallying around what they were seeing on television. what investigators will be focusing on, how many people were involved, and the fear is it wasn't just al qaeda or isis, perhaps it was a combination of different groups working together. that would be another new development. >> and the horror, you can't even imagine at any given space, but specifically in that concert hall, where it was a sold-out concert, 1,500 people there to see that band perform. and then you have the two or three gunmen open fire and then at one point holding hundreds of these people hostage inside and when law enforcement arrives, that's when some of these explosive devices, these vests or belts start going off.
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knowing that there's even more people they could be hurting as far as law enforcement. >> and one of the things law enforcement was dealing with on the scene, it's new in today's society, they were seeing text messages, facebook posts, twitter posts from people inside that theater, who were talking about some of the hostages being executed. it's possible that that propelled those anti-terror forces to take that building sooner than they would have. we've heard so many people harken this to the 2008 mumbai attacks. in those attacks, the terrorists controlled the news cycle for more than three days. it's possible that's what these attackers were trying to do and maybe -- >> if that's the case, wouldn't they come out and want to claim responsibility? wouldn't they want those bragging rights in saying, yes, we're the ones behind that and have that victory, as they would see it? >> our partners at flash point have been telling us that when it comes to isis's claims of responsibility, the simpler attacks, they seem to claim
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right away. >> we saw that with the russian jet liner and in beirut in that bombing. >> the folks at flash point are saying, the more complex attacks, sometimes it's 24, 48, even 72 hours before we hear a claim, because they'll want to prove that they were able to pull it off. >> cal perry, thank you very much. let's go to kelly cobiella. kelly, i understand now with the state of emergency in paris and borders closed as well, no one being allowed inside and outside of france. tell us more about what you're knowing from there. >> well, there are enhanced checks at border crossings. it's exactly what the president said a couple hours ago, france is closed. what's happening, the airports are still functioning as normal,
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the usual advice, check with your airline if you're headed into paris before you leave. the train stations are still operating as normal. the euro star is traveling, yet offering ticketed passengers refunds if they decide not to travel to paris given what's happened. so there's traffic moving in and out of france, the borders are not completely closed off, but there are enhanced checks, enhanced checks at airports, at train stations, at border crossings. belgium in particular have said they have increased border checks at their border with france. belgium known to be a hot spot for jihadi recruitment. so there is a little bit of movement there, but we also should mention that even if you wanted to get to the airport in paris, for example, the metro has been closed, for the past several hours, and people in that city have been told to, advised really, to stay inside. you have a situation that is, in
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a sense, still potentially ongoing. you have people who -- you have 200 people injured, 80 of them seriously. these are people potentially who haven't been able to notify their relatives. there are people still looking for their loved ones on social media. and there is the potential, according to the french prosecutor's office, that attackers or accomplices could still be at large. they're fairly confident that these eight attackers who have been killed or died in suicide bombings are the eight attackers who perpetrated this, but they're leaving open the possibility that there could be accomplices and they're still looking for them. so it's not exactly a settled situation in paris right now, or indeed in the country. >> i'm sure that's the case even there in the neighboring uk and london where you are. we did hear from the french president who said terror attacks of an unprecedented magnitude are in play in paris.
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it is horror, with president barack obama also saying this is an attack not just in paris, people of france, this is an attack on humanity. tell me a little bit about what british prime minister david cameron has been saying and what reaction has been out of london. >> similar statement from the prime minister here in the uk. this is a neighboring country, a country that is dealing with some similar issues in terms of jihadist recruitment, islamist militants, people from this country being recruited into isis territory to fight with isis and then returning a massive security problem in trying to track a lot of these people, who have returned. and track potential recruits. so, i think, in the uk, in france, in belgium, in other parts of europe, security
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services, heads of state, defense departments, all of these leaders are looking at this attack, thinking, okay, what are we seeing, what are we hearing among the chatter, could there be a sign of something else happening? all of these leaders are now on high alert, while at the same time, offering condolences and sympathy and support to hollande and the people of france. >> nbc's kelly cobiella out of london. thank you very much for that update. i want to bring in now laith alkhouri who joins me on the phone, msnbc analyst and co-founder and director of meefed and north africa analysis for flash point. appreciate your being here. i want to ask you about the situation in paris in light of the terror attacks now as the morning is now upon them. but we're also talking about a paris already on edge, from past attacks, specifically january, the attacks on "charlie hebdo"
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and the kosher grocery store, 20 people, including the three attackers were dead, most recently in august. a gunman with an ak-47 opened fire on the train. passengers were able to subdue him, three americans there. so given those instances, you have a city who is already on edge, and it's anticipating the next thing. does it come as a surprise to you at all that this kind of attack, and the magnitude of it was able to be pulled off by whoever is responsible? and there was no intelligence that we know of at this point leading up to it that may have tipped anybody off? >> you know, these kind of attacks are extremely difficult to anticipate, prevent, foil, or otherwise come up with a permanent solution for the -- almost impossible to detect, especially if the attackers, who
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appear to be pretty security savvy. they might have taken their security measures pretty seriously and maybe tried as much as possible to not leave a trail. but i think it's really too early to judge the intelligence. i believe as the security apparatus will be working on analyzing every single lead, that there needs to be more lead towards the attackers' connections and who supplied them the weapons, perhaps get their hands on hard drives to forensically analyze and see if the members of the group have traveled, have connections overseas, or are operating under the guise of an actual terrorist group. >> specially now, we know that one suicide belt did not detonate and what can be gained for that as far as evidence, how it was built, where it was built, and who the attackers are and who they were? >> absolutely. this will be a crucial piece of
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evidence. it will enable forensic analysts to go over the suicide vest, how it was built, what was used. there are a number of ways to manufacture explosives, homemade explosives and a lot of these recipes are redetailed in military manuals that are circulating online, whether isis or al qaeda. so this will be absolutely crucial. also the material found in these suicide vest, that will give authorities this ability into what kind of material was exactly used and the origins of that material. so, yeah, absolutely, it's going to be a crucial piece of evidence. >> we also know there are some counterterrorism experts who say this level of sophistication that we've seen in these attacks in paris haven't been seen in an urban area since the attack in mumbai, india, in 2008.
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when you have coordinated explosions, suicide bombs, coordinated gunfire leaving that many people dead, what is your take-away from that? >> you know, i think as one of your guests mentioned, a small-scale mumbai attack, if you will, the level of coordination is extremely high. this took place at multiple locations, using multiple methods of attack, including explosives, as well as, you know, automatic rifles. so there is a diversity to that. that means there's a big level of planning here, but of course, you know, let's not forget about the symbology of having president hollande present at the stadium. that could have been a motivation to carry it out then and there, or it could have been a diversion from the other bigger attack that took place at the music venue. >> also, when you look at the
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venue, and the areas of that concert hall, where a lot of locals, a lot of parisians were there, also the eateries as we can see from the map, i'm sure there were some tourists there, but seems like those are areas in a neighborhood where the locals will go. what does that tell you about those areas that were specifically targeted? and not so much the champs elysee or other areas that are highly trafficked by tourists? >> the champs elysee and other areas of high traffic have high levels of security. as far as the musical venue, the security is pretty minimal in these areas and they attacked at the night-time when people are out to have fun. so to cause maximum number of casualties, that was really apparent. but even the choice of the music
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venue in having that many people to watch a popular group, i'm sure there has been advertisement about the concert coming up. so that might have been their primary choice -- location choice. >> laith, i know all across the world, here in the united states and even just a few blocks away on my way in, seeing times square, so much presence there of law enforcement and security. i can imagine that's the case in any major city around the world. >> yeah. you know, most major cities around the world will have somewhat of a high level security, but here in new york city, i would say, we have exceptional security forces that have been around the clock, especially since 9/11, they are mobilizing all kind of k-9 dogs, to sniff any kind of explosive and any kind of material might be an ingredient in building an
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explosive. we have pretty tight security measures and i would say, if somebody wants to commit such an attack in the end, if they're determined and they have the means, they would carry it out. but gun laws in new york, are extremely stringent and very, very difficult to obtain a weapon here versus in france, although the laws are pretty strict, you are able to process from another country from, let's say, belgium, which has been a hot place for some weapon deals going all the way from eastern europe. so, you know, it's a very sensitive situation and of course again the information keeps unfolding. >> all right, and we'll continue to follow it as well. laith alkhouri, as always, thank you for your time and your insight tonight. >> thank you. >> and we are back with more reporting on the terror attacks in paris. so keep it right here on msnbc for the latest developments. we'll take a quick break and be right back. we sent two women into a real guys night out
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>> as news broke of the terrorist attacks in paris, offers of help have flooded in. international leaders have offered aid and manpower. the newly elected president of canada offered help and sympathies to france in an attempt to put the minds of his people at ease. >> obviously our hearts and thoughts and prayers go out to our french cousins through this dark and terrible time. these terrorist attacks are deeply worrying and unsettling to people around the world. we have offered all of our help and support to the government of france, the people of france, at this time. and we'll continue to engage with our allies around the world in ensuring the safety of
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canadians and others, both here at home and around the world. we will keep people apprised as more unfolds, but i've been speaking with our national security team to ensure that everything is being done and to keep people safe. and we will have more to say as we learn more about this terrible tragedy. >> and we also heard from president barack obama who said this is an attack not just on paris, not just on the people of france, but this is an attack on all of humanity and the universal values we share. offering help to the french and the french people to do whatever it takes to work with them to bring justice to terrorists. -- to bring the terrorists to justice, i should say. earlier tonight, laura haim of canal plus reported on eyewitness reports from includes the concert hall. >> testimony have just been
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posted. it's the story of pierre and marie. there were 36 and 22 years old. they were going to the concert because they wanted to have fun one friday evening in paris. they described what happened, and it's probably the first time we are hearing what happened tonight in this bataclan, this famous musical in paris. they're saying that it was in the middle of the concert and the people arrived by the back entrance. and then they began to fire, they began to fire heavily, and it was making a lot of noise. and this couple, like other young people, went to the floor, lie down from the floor and then falling from the sky there was apparently debris because of all over the bullets. the people doesn't stop firing. and then they saw something quite horrible. the woman saw one of the other
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who had a hat on his head, that's what she said, and he was looking at her, was completely petrified by fear. he looked at this couple and he told this couple to escape. and then there was another woman who looked at the attacker and, according to the testimony, this woman took an object and throw the object to the attacker. she apparently wanted to defend herself, and then he looked at her and he kill her right away. then after there were a lot of confusion, there was apparently a big explosion, which confirmed another witness who was telling us earlier in the evening that one of the attacker blow himself up inside the theater. then this couple was able again to lie down on the floor and to escape with a group of 15 people. this is absolutely striking because it never happen in france before. >> it sounds like from what you described that there was some
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effort by people inside the theater to at least any way they could fight back against the attackers? >> yeah. and it's completely chilling. because in some terrorist action, you have amazing people, ordinary people who are trying to fight for their life, and in the united states, we remember what happened during 9/11 when inside the flight some people did something, and apparently tonight at the bataclan, according to this report i'm reading from the testimony of this guy who was there. he said, i saw with my eyes a woman was looking at the guy who wanted to kill her, and before she died, she took an object and she throw this object in the face of the guy and he kill her. but until the last minute, she tried to defend her life. >> that was laura haim of canal plus sharing a report from inside the bataclan concert
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hall. i want to bring in now from copenhagen, michael kay. good to have you with me here. all of us were astounded hearing the news here as all of this was unfolded, hearing the number of dead was 20 and seeing that jump so drastically jump over the course of the evening. tell me about how that was received over where you are in koeppcopenhagen and as you were watching this story unfold. >> well, i think it's a shocking tragedy, but when you're a foreign policy analyst, again, i can't help but feel that this is something we've had combat indicators and warnings against. we had "charlie hebdo" in january '15, and we spoke at length about what were the symptoms and what were the reasons as to why this happened, and we spoke about what was going on in syria. we spoke about the ease of eu,
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the european union and the way that you can transit, not just people very easily across the borders of europe, but also, you can transit finances quite easily, weapons quite easily. and we spoke at large about how the perpetrators of charlie hebdo managed to get hold of brand new ak-47s and transit those across europe. we spoke about how, the way that jihad and the way that recruitment had met afticized across europe, how difficult it was to monitor recruitment of foreign jihad into syria across europe. and it's something which has, you know, really for someone like myself, who was raised in the united kingdom, who has traveled across europe extensively and now lives in brooklyn, but obviously i'm in
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copenhagen at the moment, the way the european union functions is to allow the facilitation of people, of imports, of exports, of finances, to be able to exist freely. but we now live in a new world order. we now live in an order where there is jihad out there. and we have to look at the secondary and tertiary consequences of our own actions within the middle east and understand, you know, how they may come back and bite us. we have to look at "charlie hebdo," we have to understand the way that lone wolves operation. we have to understand the way that foreign jihad works, not just countering it through bombs, bullets, and mortars. but we also have to understand the way it works through the mosques, through the way that
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the islamic state are so effective through social media and a sort of wholistic response should be exactly that. >> i can't help but think of the people who were there, who watched this unfold right in front of their faces tonight, who saw people getting shot. to see these suicide bombers and them detonate these suicide belts, and not to mention family members, loved ones, friends and family now who know of somebody, who may be among the dead, or is looking for somebody unaccounted for at this hour. again, as we're taking a live look at 8:30 in paris at this moment, but we're also talking about a paris that's already been on edge. as you mentioned "charlie hebdo" in january, also the gunman on the train from amsterdam to paris in august, and for these families who are going through
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such pain today and those people who survived this, the question is, why? and how? how did it go undetected? >> well, i think, france is -- when we're looking at, you know, the united states, the united kingdom, europe, i think we really do have to have a really hard conversation with ourselves and understand what is the number one threat that faces western, u.s., uk, european civilization at the moment? what is it? what is that very one thing that we can find common ground on? what is it that we can find common ground on with russia? what is it that we can find common ground on with iran? we always focus and concentrate on what are the differences, who are the biggest threats to the united states. i live in brooklyn. i love the united states. lived here for four years and i will probably live in the united states for the rest of my life,
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but i really do think, you know, coming from europe, i think we really do have to find what the common ground is between china, russia, the united states, iran. i really do think the thing that binds us all together at the moment is the islamic state and the potential for islamic state to inflict, you know, really serious atrocities. now, again, i'm not aware that there's anyone that's come out at the moment. i don't think the islamic state have come out and claimed responsibility. i could be wrong on that. but until they do, we're looking at things like the russian crash from sharm el sheikh, the russian jet that came to an abrupt end, but there are all the symptoms at the moment of a certain organization, a certain jihadist organization, that are beginning to be able to
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influence many sort of societal things that are going on in europe and potentially america. the fact that america is geographically displaced is really, you know, goes into our favor at the moment. but it's only a matter of time. i think we all need to come together, we all need to sort of, the whole reason nato came about was through this mantra of an attack on one is an attack on all. and that sort of mantra seems to have fallen away ever since the demise of world war ii, but i think we need to start getting into that mind-set again of, an attack on one is an attack on all. and that needs to happen with vladimir putin, barack obama, it needs to happen with the leaders of states in europe, it needs to happen with leaders of states in the middle east. and this sort of geo-political agenda that's been driving what's going on need to be put aside and we need to understand what is going on here and sort
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of pool our resources to tackle the threat of the islamic state. >> certainly a conversation down the road, but for now as the morning has started there in paris, the priority is mourning the at least 120 dead, finding those unaccounted for and finding out who is responsible as the investigation of this is really in just the beginning stages. michael kay, always good to hear from you, thank you very much. our live coverage of the terror attacks on paris continue, including a report from somebody who was inside the stadium when those explosions went off outside. again, the latest this morning, according to french officials, at least 120 dead, and local reports say as many as 200 injured at over a dozen hospitals in the paris area. keep it right here on msnbc as we continue our coverage this morning.
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>> our coverage of the terror paris attacks continues here on msnbc, with at least 120 people dead and three people killed in multiple explosions outside the stade de france earlier today. reports say as many as 50 people are injured after two suicide attacks and a bombing happened outside that paris stadium,
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which prompted an immediate evacuation of french president francois hollande who was there to watch a game. and here's a soccer fan said in the stadium who described what he heard. [ speaking french ] >> and at one point, one of the explosions went off during the game, and it was heard throughout the crowd. many shrugged it off thinking it was fireworks or something else. i want to bring in jim cavanaugh, law enforcement analyst and former special agent in charge. jim, you've been with us watching this all unfold. your take-away in knowing that this started and when we heard that maybe as many as 20 people and then we saw the number of dead rising throughout the night and knowing, the coordination and the sophistication in these attacks, your take-away? >> well, walk it back to the
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targeting, first of all, francis. you know, the stadium at the height of the game between germany and france, you know, the french reporter that's been on msnbc tonight talked about it, it was like the world series for france. so i would say that this event was planned, because this wasn't hatched up in a few days, with the suicide vests and the kalashnikov rifles and all the ammunition. it was planned to happen at this sporting event. it's also significant that two suicide bombers detonated the sporting event outside the venue, but only three people were reported killed there. now i don't know if it includes the two suicide bombers. at any rate, that's a very low number of people killed. so, you know, you have to look at it, was that an entrapment device? i think cal, who's one of the editors at msnbc, talked about that earlier. and as police commanders, we would look, was that an entrapiment device?
11:40 pm
in other words, was that designed to empty the stadium and the other six would then shoot into the crowds and detonate their vests? so you have to look at it like that, could that have been part of the plot? then that doesn't work, so they waited, you know, 15 minutes and made their way down to the restaurants? we don't know the exact distance, the time, the police will have to beilook at that. and then making their way down to the restaurants where they kill a few one, one person, ten people, 14 people, and then they get into the theater. you would think if they were bound for that theater, they would go there first, if they were looking for maximum killing, they would go where maximum people are. that's why the stadium stands out for the timing and the targeting, and it will have to be looked at real hard. and i would expect, looking at these suicide bombers, from what we've seen historically and in the past, that commitment is often put on video, al qaeda did
11:41 pm
it constantly, palestinian suicide terrorists did it, a martyr video, to show their commitment to do it, what their plans are, and sure the police will be looking for that at their homes and on their computers to see if the plot is laid out there. >> absolutely. at this point, we know no one has taken responsibility for this attack yet. so that will definitely be what will be looked into as we get closer to that. jim cavanaugh, msnbc law enforcement analyst and special agent in charge, thank you very much. >> thank you. we have more for you tonight live here on msnbc. keep it right here for the latest.
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good to be with you for the
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continuing coverage of the paris terror attack here. it's 2:44 in the east coast, and as morning now sets in, in the city of paris, after a horrific night of terror attacks that ripped through the city, it started about 9:30 p.m. local time, the first set of attacks happened outside the stade de france, that's the national stadium of france, which was hosting a game between france and germany. in footage from that game, you can hear an explosion going off, cutting through the crowd noise. french officials say the attacks included one bombing and two suicide attacks. shortly afterward, multiple reports of gunmen inside the city, began to emerge with shooters opening fire on restaurants and caffes and from there, gunmen entered the bataclan concert hall, hosting a sold-out concert by an american band, and it appears there in the concert venue is where most of the deadly part of tonight's
11:46 pm
terror attack took place. the gunmen started firing on the crowd and took hostages before detonating suicide belts as police closed in. so far the casualty numbers are staggering and they may continue to rise. the paris prosecutor is reporting upwards of at least 120 killed, with 100 dead at the concert venue alone. with the outlet canal reporting that another 200 are injured, making it the worst attack on french soil since world war ii, and the first time a suicide bomber has ever attacked the country. french officials say eight officials have been killed tonight and as of right now, no group has taken responsibility for the attack. france remains officially in a state of emergency as president hollande has called in all available law enforcement and deployed the military around the city as well as earlier, closing off borders, but now having checkpoints in and out of the country of france. want to check in now with nbc
11:47 pm
correspondent morgan radford. interesting the connection that we have here, especially here at home in the united states, especially at that concert where that terror strike happened, with a california-based band, eagles of death metal, morgan. so is that the case, that all of the band members have been accounted for? >> that's right, francis. according to the band manager, all of the band members were able to escape safely, but we still don't know the condition or their whereabouts. we did, however speak to the wife of julio doria, the band's drummer. she's in nashville, tennessee. she said that she was able to speak to her husband very briefly tonight on a borrowed cell phone. he said everyone who was on stage was able to escape safely and they made it to a local police station. she did say that she believes there were other crew members unaccounted for. this band was touring through europe and they were scheduled to end their tour just in
11:48 pm
december. but they had just dropped their fourth album, and that was called zippered down. this group started in 1998 and began with a friendship between jesse humane societys and josh hom me, he saved him when he was being picked on by a bully. and from there, their connection just grew. they had more acclaim with actor jack black and dave groll, former member ever the foo fighters. and we spoke to another band who toured with them right here in california. take a listen to what they had to say. >> it's very surreal. like we're both walking around kind of in a daze. i feel just kind of shell-shocked, like that could have been us, we were just with them. in fact, my band gram rabbit played the last week with them and played with them before they left for europe. >> the thought crossed my mind during one of the shows, just kind of looking over, because
11:49 pm
they draw a lot of people, and we were playing medium-sized theaters. so we're playing for about a thousand, 1100 people, and the thought crossed my mind one time, with all the crazy things going on, theater shootings. >> and francis, that shell shock that they mention is what a lot of people right here in california and throughout the united states is feeling tonight, and they can't figure out why this band, or this venue in particular was the target of this attack. you know, the name of their band seems particularly deceiving because they were actually trying to create a mix between the eagles and then also death metal. but it wasn't really hard-core music. there wasn't anything particularly unusual about their lyrics that seemed to inspire perhaps being a target of such attacks. so a lot of questions still remaining right now. >> morgan, i understand that the band, they hadn't taken to the stage yet when the attacks happened, if you think how horrific this was for them,
11:50 pm
knowing the gun shots started firing and then the hostage-taking afterwards and watching this all unfold. were they on stage when it all happened? >> they had actually just tweeted a photo, a gorgeous photo that you can still find right now, of moments before they were set to go on stage. and that shock is still reverberating to their family members. some of their family members have refused to speak. the founding member of the band who was not on tour, we've reached out to his family and they're locking down, because the shock is something they're still trying to grapple with right now, francis. >> i'm sure that will continue as there's a new day in paris and the reality of the horror of the night is setting in again with at least 120 dead. the majority of them at that concert venue where the band was playing. morgan radford, appreciate the update, thank you very much. >> still to come, we will talk to the affairs correspondent for "the new york times" about who may be behind these attacks.
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we are nearing the 9:00 a.m. hour here as we take a live look in paris, france, the morning after multiple terror attacks have left at least 120 dead, leaving that area in a state of emergency, a state of shock, and a state of mourning after those attacks throughout the city. i want to bring in now evan kohlmann, msnbc terror analyst. as you were watching this today as again this morning is starting, and many questions are out there, who may be responsible, how do they, how do they pull this off? talk to me a little bit about what is happening, as far as
11:55 pm
investigators and their first priority in trying to find out who is behind this, evan. >> first of all, they're looking at the identities of the individuals who carried out the attacks. there was some suggestion that maybe some of these people were known to authorities. not clear whether they were talking in the abstract or in particular. that's very important here. were these individuals previously on the radar of french or international law enforcement or intelligence agencies? were these individuals known to have traveled to a particular conflict zone? be it syria, be it iraq, be it afghanistan, be it yemen? and most importantly, were these people in contact with anyone else? because there could be others still out there who may be capable of carrying out attacks, whether or not in concert with these folks, but that's a concern. authorities will be looking at that. also obviously there's the issue of internet chatter and we'll be looking to see whether or not
11:56 pm
any group claims credit for this attack. thus far, it does not appear that there have been any claims of responsibility from isis, from al qaeda, or from any other group. though it's to be said that the folks so far, that are out there on the internet, that are trumpeting this the loudest, that are cheering the loudest, are isis supporters. now that i don't think is definitive evidence of anything, but it's interesting to note, it does appear to be isis supporters who are the loudest supporters of what's going on in paris. >> does it have the signatures of an isis attack, as coordinated and sophisticated as it was in the six separate locations throughout paris? >> i think if it is isis, it's a substantial upgrade over what we've seen them do previously outside of syria or iraq. this was a highly sophisticated attack. it did involve a large number of individuals with suicide bomb vests, according to high witnesses, they were shooting
11:57 pm
like professionals. you know, this is something that -- >> okay, evan. >> we'll have to see which group, but i can't say definitively it's isis or any other group right now. >> all right, we appreciate it. stay with us for continuing coverage of the terror attacks in paris. rabbit.
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msy srksmsnbc's continuing . officials say at least 120 people are dead across the city and many in the pabataclan theater. and at least two explosions heard in a the soccer stadium and shootings took place elsewhere in the city. president barack obama spoke


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